Favorite Hair Styling Tools

Heat is one of the worst things for your hair. I try to use heat as little as possible. My hair growth really took off when no one left the house for a few months due to Covid. Before Covid, I didn’t think I used heat on my hair all that often. I would only use heat on the weekends. When lockdown happened, I didn’t use any heat on my hair for months. During that time is when my hair looked and felt the healthiest. Today, I still try to use heat on my hair as little as possible. I try my best to line up my hair washing days so that I can style my hair on Fridays and not have to use heat the rest of the weekend. When I do use heat on my hair, I always make sure that I use a heat protectant. My favorite right now is by Bumble and Bumble. It smells amazing and it doesn’t weigh down my hair at all. Whenever I do use heat on my hair, these are my favorite styling tools:

Blow Dryer
My hair takes forever to blow dry. I often need to take breaks because my arm hurts from holding my blow dryer for so long. I dread it if I have to blow dry my hair. Because of this, I do not have an expensive blow dryer. With how much I dislike blow drying my hair, I can’t seem to bring myself to spend money on an expensive blow dryer. If your hair doesn’t take too long to blow dry and you’re looking for a cheap blow dryer, you may like this one.

My hair type is mostly straight with a few waves to it. When I don’t have much time or just want to quickly do my hair for the weekend, I will straighten it. I have gone through two straighteners in the past 10 years. I loved my first one so much that my second one is the exact same one. CHI is by far my favorite brand for straighteners/flat iron. My CHI flat iron is one with ceramic plates. Ceramic plates help evenly distribute the heat throughout your hair and does not tug. It feels like they are gliding through. I also really like that CHI flat irons are temperature control so you can adjust what temperature you want to be putting on your hair. NEVER use the highest heat setting!

Curling Irons
When I have more time to do my hair or there is a special occasion, I will curl my hair. Depending on the occasion or my mood is what kind of curling iron I will use. I still have not mastered curling my hair with a flat iron, so I stick to using curling irons. Three out of four of my curling irons are the brand Hot Tools. My curling irons all are all ceramic, so they evenly distribute the heat and help smooth my hair. If I want to have tighter curls, I will use my one-inch curling iron. My one-inch curling iron has the clip, but using the clip is not necessary. If I want the curls a little bit messier and a tad looser, I will wrap the hair around the curling iron and not use the clip at all.
If I am wanting loose waves, I will use my one and a half inch curling iron. I have two one and a half inch curling irons. One has a clip, and the other is a wand. I will use my curling iron with the clip if I want my curls to be a little more structured. My curling iron without the clip is better for the very loose beach waves. I could also just wrap my hair around the curling iron with the clip, but this way I don’t have to bother with holding the clip out of the way.
For Christmas this year I received the BaBylissPRO beach waver. I have used it twice since Christmas and I LOVE IT. It is also ceramic, and temperature controlled. I can have my entire head in beach waves in under 10 minutes. I am already looking forward to using this in the summer time.

What are your favorite hair tools? I have heard mixed reviews on the Dyson Air Wrap. It is so expensive I can’t convince myself to try it out. Is it worth it?!

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